What is a betting broker?

On this short article I will explain you the minimum you need to know about brokers.
First of all, a broker is not a bookmaker, but an agent that gives additional services linked with sport betting. Historically, a sport betting agent was reserved to professional bettors to ease managing multiple accounts to get the best of the market (helping to pick the best odds in a fast and secured way for example).

The broker service is now automated, using software like Mollybet or others. Its fees are low, but still exists.
Their service can be used by every one interested in betting.

An agent must have a gambling license to operate legally.

Why using such an intermediary?

  • Get access to multiple bookmakers, in one place
  • Get the best odd for each bet in one click
  • Remove betting limits
  • Get access to Asian market
  • Manage your bankroll in one place
  • Keep betting, even if you win

How to use a betting agent?

You register to the broker, select which bookmaker you want to access to, and make one global deposit that will be used for the entire portfolio.

All bettors can register to a such a service, limitation is mainly the amount of the first deposit that can be up to 300€£$ minimum. The agent will act as an intermediary, placing the bets as you demand.
Betting brokers propose web based interfaces and web apps. Some also propose skype betting.
Deposits and withdraws are mainly done by e-wallets.

Where to register to a broker?

This list is not comprehensive but proposes only the most trusted operators.

Name Discover
BetInAsia logo Visit
SportMarket logo Visit

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